• Tirash Houey

I DON'T like the phrase LEARN THROUGH PLAY especially if it means PLAY ALL DAY!

As a young mother, I made a decision to go into the workforce and place my oldest son into daycare. I knew I was looking for a daycare that would teach my know the abc's, 123's, shapes and colors.....the beginning stuff. I visited three different centers and man was I disappointed! The first center was looked clean and smelled like bleach but the kids were running all over the place! When I asked the director what curriculum they use, her response was "They learn through play".......HUH........I heard nothing about alphabets or numbers...just....PLAY! The second center at least included coloring time into the schedule but again......I saw no real learning. The third center was just like the first....WE LEARN THROUGH PLAY! I believe that phrase is a fancy way of saying we are a playground until you get off of work! Where was the structure......what reassurance did I have that my child would be ready for kindergarten......

This is why Seeds of Harvest Academy raises the bar of what true early learning is!

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